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Yoga is what happens to you, not what you do

Yogestalt is the type of Yoga that I practice, study and teach, and is the name given to the practice of various forms of Yoga in the light of Gestalt therapy. Practice through which a process of transformation starts, in which opposites, as well as the tension between them, become apparent. This allows us to know and integrate the opposites in ourselves.

The practice guides us in finding our innate potential, starting the journey towards our own center, regaining the ability to trust ourselves. This experience, which is unique, diverse and personal, strengthens our confidence in the resources available to us, helping us live in a genuine way, free of conditionings.

Some of the opposites we try to integrate are: flexibility and rigidity, strength and weakness, contraction and expansion, dispersal and concentration, fantasy and reality, lack and presence, discomfort and comfort, what’s open and what’s closed, what’s free and what’s oppressed, pain and pleasure, apathy and vitality, courage and shame, what’s rejected and what’s accepted, anger and serenity, joy and sorrow, anguish and relief, restlessness and peace, fear and love.

During the practice, different ways of breathing are explored, as well as various forms of stretching and strengthening. We also attempt to generate, in various different ways, stimuli on the organic and energetic aspects, and to deepen the contemplative aspect by using sound vibrations and symbolic gestures. Finally, we aim for the integration of our oneiric and vigil worlds. Always with the intention of being present, putting into practice the contemplative aspect that yoga offers to deepen the perception of the here and now; contemplating and observing ourselves, as proposed by the Gestalt therapy, in a non-interpretative and essentially descriptive way, focusing on what is being perceived and felt here and now. This subjective perception is essential, and invites the practitioner to trust what he feels, rediscovering organic ways of practicing, which frees the roads that connect our bodily, emotional, mental and intuitive aspects.

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Rolfing Structural Integration

Rolfing® Structural Integration can significantly improve your body‘s structure, posture and movement by releasing accumulated tensions and strains through a process involving soft tissue manipulation, movement education, and body awareness.

Rolfing can help athletes, dancers, actors, musicians, yoga and martial arts practitioners, or anyone wishing to improve their body awareness and physical performance. As well as people of all ages with histories of pain and discomfort, and anyone hoping to rediscover freedom and ease of movement.

Rolfing Structural Integration, originally developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, PhD, is based on the premise that the quality of life and well-being depend in part on the person’s capacity to adapt to the field of gravity. Rolfing is an approach to helping the person live and function with greater ease, grace and efficiency in the field of gravity. In particular, Rolfing helps us use gravity as an ally in the manifestation of the human upright posture, as well as in the uniquely human activities and place in the world that uprightness permits.

Rolfers™ work with the body’s soft tissue, specifically connective tissue called fascia. Fascia gives muscles, organs and the human body support and their characteristic shape, and since it's highly enervated it's key to perception, posture, coordination and movement. A Rolfer uses their unique quality of touch during a series of sessions that engage the entire body in a very precise way, while also inviting client participation through movement. Working together, Rolfer and client seek to encourage new postural and movement patterns that are more comfortable and efficient – resolving pain and discomfort, adding ease and grace to every client’s life.

Rolfing works, because it initiates structural changes that restore the entire body to a more natural order. The body’s inherent capacity to adapt relaxes, corrects and integrates misalignments and imbalances. This allows posture and movement patterns to adjust towards their most efficient and at-ease form, freeing restrictions, alleviating pain, and building a foundation for lasting and sustainable results. Moreover, as the body changes physically, significant shifts in perception occur as well, resulting in lowered stress and anxiety, increased confidence and maturing emotional expression.

Sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes long. This varies because the important aspect here is not the duration but the accomplishment of the specific session's goals. Ida P. Rolf designed a basic strategy to deliver Rolfing as a series of 10 sessions. Generally, but not necessarily, a client's initial Rolfing series is based on this formal 10-sessions strategy. However, the number of sessions and precise content of each is determined by the client's needs and best interests.

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About me

My name is Celeste, I'm from Argentina and I live in Sydney. I started practicing yoga in 2009, and it fascinated me from the very first moment; from then on I kept practicing and discovering different schools. I practiced Hatha yoga in Mendoza, and Iyengar and Swasthya yoga in Buenos Aires, and in 2012 I received the certification as Yoga instructor from the Yoga Kai Institute, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During that year, I also practiced Yogestalt for the very first time, and I felt that I had finally found what I was looking for. This way of practicing totally changed my view and understanding of Yoga, and I decided to do the Yogestalt training course with my teacher, Ricardo Risso Patron, in 2013, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then I am studying with him, practicing, learning, deepening my knowledge and understanding.

I discovered Rolfing by chance in 2013, while reading a book on Gestalt therapy. I was instantly drawn to it, and I decided to see what it was all about. I started reading about it, and taking Rolfing sessions. What a wonderful discovery! I was so interested in it that I decided to start studying in the European Rolfing Association, in Munich, Germany, where I completed my training as a Certified Rolfer.

My wish is to help others, with the tools that these two practices have given me, and to share the integrating vision that both have in common.


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